Links 11/18/14

Links for you. Science:

Why Get A Flu Shot?
Whole genome sequencing reveals potential spread of Clostridium difficile between humans and farm animals in the Netherlands, 2002 to 2011
When Fish Shout
How to Explain Papers in a Non Academic Interview.
Open Letter to Bill Nye from a Plant Scientist


Back to the healthcare debate (excellent)
A Botched Study Raises Bigger Questions
Short Electoral Note: Peace, Prosperity, and Weed
Scientist apologizes for his sexist shirt, but the Internet still wants women to shut up and die
Young Mother Arrested For Voting In Iowa
A pornographer explains why the science guy’s shirt crash-landed
Space program or booby shirt? Ladies, start your fainting couches
The Knowledge, London’s Legendary Taxi-Driver Test, Puts Up a Fight in the Age of GPS
American Decline To Accelerate?
Tommy This, An’ Tommy That…
Republican Joni Ernst Admits Why Republicans Really Hate Obamacare
The Mercenaries: Ex-NSA hackers and their corporate clients are stretching legal boundaries and shaping the future of cyberwar. (what could possibly go wrong?)
A Cheaper, Simpler Obamacare Plan
Corporate Profit Margins vs. Wages in One Disturbing Chart
Little Boxes: Micro-apartments have become trendy in planning circles, but their austerity is just another limit on the aspirations of the poor.
Andrew Sullivan Versus the Social-Justice Warriors

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  1. Huh??? Megan McArdle’s “Cheaper, Simpler, Obamacare” plan fails the very first thing it claims it deals with. If your expenditures are capped at “15 to 20 percent of gross adjusted income”, as soon as you need anything like serious care, you have no concern for price. And it’s the high end stuff that costs the serious money in the US. So it simply makes people less likely to get the inexpensive ordinary and preventive care they need, and the country needs them to get to avoid becoming an expensive-to-treat severely sick person.

    More fundamentally, the idea that a consumer-driven market would lower medical care costs is, basically, nuts. Consumers of medical care are not in any position to make decisions as to what tests and treatments are necessary or not. The reason we go to the doctor in the first place is to ask the doctor to make exactly those decisions.

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