I Think We Disagree About What ‘Works’ Means: The Birth Control Edition

Jill Filipovic talks to some protestors who oppose safe and legal abortion (boldface mine):

“Abstinence,” Clark says. “It’s possible. I taught my daughters abstinence. It doesn’t mean I’ve been successful with my first two, but I have three more to go. You hold your breath.”

And after marriage, Toloczko adds, natural family planning is the best option to space out births. Clark agrees, although she notes its lack of popularity.

“You can’t even get Catholics to use it,” she says. “It does work though. Of course, I have nine kids.”

I suppose, compared to the Duggars, this is ‘control’…

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2 Responses to I Think We Disagree About What ‘Works’ Means: The Birth Control Edition

  1. Jim Sweeney says:

    Okay, that was laugh-out-loud funny. However, I continue to maintain that 2+2=5, for suitably large values of 2.

    Filipovic is wonderful, but it’s mortifying to find myself reading Cosmo.

  2. Dbp says:

    No one would ever die from a car crash if no one drove and no one woukd be obese if we all stopped eating. The problem with conservatives is that they thibk too small. Abstinence should be applied to everything. Hell, no one would die if we just abstained from it!

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