Links 11/4/14

Links for you. Science:

Mass. biologist finds rare blue leopard frog
Dear America: Quit Flipping Out About Gluten
Granny’s mean pot of bushmeat stew (my take here)
Incoming Australia research chief touts water dowsing
Ebola researchers still welcome at European infectious diseases meetings


Yale grad student says Ebola quarantine driven by politics
The Good Doctor Perl
The Endless Search for Silver Bullets
Reporter Claims Government Hacked Her Computer And Inserted Evidence To Set Her Up (Attkison is a vax truther, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you)
Top-Performing Teacher Challenges New York’s Teacher Evaluation Model, Which Finds Her “Ineffective”
Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis, Finds Ron Paul
Lily Eskelsen García Responds To TIME’s Cover
As Insurers Try to Limit Costs, Providers Hit Patients With More Separate Fees
MLK Library Will Need Twice as Much Space as Expected
Rob the Vote
Why the U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability
Wolves In Creep’s Clothing
Confirmed: Sprawl and Bad Transit Increase Unemployment

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  1. onkelbob says:

    Re: Attkisson
    Just because she said it happened, it doesn’t mean it actually did. She claims to have found documents in her OS, when every decent CS guy will tell you if that was so, then the OS would be corrupted and fail to work. Something tells me she hired on of those “Microsoft techs” that call every so often to tell me there’s something wrong with my computer. (I tell them I don’t own one, baffles them every time)

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