Murphy’s Law of Vaccines

This, from a family physician, about the ‘law of vaccine supply and demand‘:

Remember the H1N1 epidemic from 2009? The country was obsessed with the bird flu, like they are now with Ebola. My patients were scared to get the bird flu, and they refused the regular flu vaccine because H1N1 was initially not included. Then, a few months later, H1N1 was included. What happened? Suddenly, demand dropped. In the vaccine world, when there is no supply (like the current Ebola non-vaccine) or [limited] supply, the demand goes way up. However, when there is an abundance of flu vaccine (like this year), many patients gladly refuse the vaccine.

We’re doomed.

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2 Responses to Murphy’s Law of Vaccines

  1. Min says:

    Let’s have a flu czar!

  2. Sue says:

    Well, calling it a pandemic probably had a little to do with all the panic. I know in my case, I had no need for the vaccine by the time it came out, as I had already had that flu. Might have had a bit to do with it.

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