Links 2/9/13

Links for you. Science:

Eric Cantor Renews the Call to End Federal Funding of Political and Social Science
NIH scientists identify molecular link between metabolism and breast cancer
Genomic “dark matter” yields major melanoma discovery
How scientists feed hundreds of thousands of bed bugs on their own blood
Changing Our Focus
Unexpected consequences of journal rank
The Case of the Disappearing Homing Pigeons


The Old South’s Last, Desperate Stand: Hysteria, aggression and gerrymandering are a fading demographic’s last hope to maintain political control. (excellent)
Just 4 of 40 Massachusetts compounding pharmacies passed surprise health inspections
Lies, Damned Lies and Big Data
“God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl Commercial Celebrates Farmers, Yet Ignores Reality
30+ of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins I’ve ever seen
Science Online Advice: Long Term Blogging (the key point is you shouldn’t be doing it if you don’t want to)
Social science funding is good for your health
2 Years in Jail for Sitting on a Milk Crate? The Shocking Ways America Punishes Poor People Living on the Street (Hard Times, USA)
Sorry, Malcolm Gladwell: NYC’s Drop in Crime Not Due to Broken Window Theory (by the way, have I ever mentioned that Gladwell is a horrible person?)
The Post Office is Tired of Begging Congress for Attention (I first talked about USPS here, here, and here)
Whom Can the President Kill?
Games Workshop trademark bullying goes thermonuclear: now they say you can’t use “space marine” in science fiction
Thomas Menino, Boston Mayor, Calls On City To Prepare For Climate Change
Ancient d20 die emerges from the ashes of time
Unemployment Stories, Vol. Six: ‘If It Weren’t For My Children I Probably Would Have Killed Myself By Now’
Why the White Paper Is So Terrifying
Bloomberg to City Council: Back the F*ck Off!
Site plagiarizes blog posts, then files DMCA takedown on originals: All stories about a disgraced researcher get pulled by WordPress.

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