Links 10/3/14

Links for you. Science:

PhD students and the cult of busy
Swimming Through Garbage
Ebola vaccine tests needlessly delayed, researchers claim
Pediatricians now recommend IUDs over the pill for teen birth control (about time)


It’s Not Your Imagination, Your Health Insurance Has Gotten Worse
Our Invisible Rich (I think he’s overstating the case a bit–the earnings of the 1% and 0.1% do matter)
Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Libertarian Extraordinaire
Radical Monk in Myanmar Pledges to Protect Global Buddhism (Eliminationist Buddhists?)
Why Did African Americans Leave Georgetown?

John Oliver on Drones (video)
The War Nerd: Let’s put Islamic State’s menacing advance into perspective by… looking at a map
Rotten to the Core: How an Apple mega-deal cost Los Angeles classrooms $1 billion
Declining traffic-camera revenue threatens to unbalance D.C.’s budget
Kosher Food Blackmail of American Housewives (“…in these days of the right-wing embracing its somewhat mythologized view of Judaism that serves as part of a white army against Islam and bringing in the apocalypse through its expansive policies, of how recently the right saw Jews as equal to African-Americans in the pantheon of threats to whiteness.”)
Planning to Sprawl
Cutting Poverty Is Super Easy: A Response to Sumner
Erick Erickson: People Who Believe In Evolution Are Dumb And Jealous (this man was once paid by CNN for his ‘insight’)

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  1. The War Nerd’s _next_ column was even better.

    There are far too many articles that fail to remind us that Iraq is 60% Shia, the Sunni are getting the short end of the stick now that they’re out of power, won’t be coming back into power, and are going to remain extremely unhappy about that for a long time.

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