Links 9/9/14

Links for you. Science:

Lone Survivor? Weird New Animal May Be Long Sought Living Ediacaran
How to Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk
When entomologists take apart the tales of unethical photographers
Elise Andrew, science popularizer with a spotty attribution record, gets a pass from CJR
Cuts at W.H.O. Hurt Response to Ebola Crisis


Hilarious Exit Email from Capitol Hill Staffer Highlights Bizarre Environment (funny)
Teaching in the Shadow of the Ferguson Shooting (excellent)
The best Massachusetts Law EVAH! (maybe some of the MIT fraternities could use this?)
How municipalities in St. Louis County, Mo., profit from poverty (related thoughts here)
‘I’ve Been a Pariah for So Long’
What ‘age segregation’ does to America: From grade schools to senior villages, we now spend much of our lives on separate generational islands. Can we reverse the trend?
With infill stations, older transit agencies extend their reach (Assembly Station!)
Feminism’s Real First Wave Was America’s Early Teachers
The Dying Russians
Don’t Worry About Eric Cantor; Worry About His Staffers
Are economists biased to be pro-management?
The Thing Employers Look For When Hiring Recent Graduates (a minor, but important point is that often these discussions are colored by elite colleges, which are a very small subset of overall college graduates)
Mysterious Phony Cell Towers: Who is Spying on You Now?

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  1. philebersole says:

    On the other hand, maybe it is. The charts in the Forbes article show improvement since Russia hit rock bottom in the late 1980s, but they don’t show the drop to rock bottom.

    Nick Eberstadt in this study for the National Bureau of Asian Research paints a picture of a Russia that is aging, sick, poor and discouraged.

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