The GOP Isn’t Like the Rest of Us: The Immigration Edition

Perhaps Republicans think if they utter really stupid things about immigration, people will forget all of the stupid things about women? Anyway, Republican Rep. Steve King (R-This Guy Got Elected? Really?) along with full-bore wackaloon Republican Michele Bachmann really did say these things about immigration–King:

King, a Republican from Iowa, told Corsi that instead of “scattering these kids all over the country,” they should house them all in a tent city along the border.

Rep. King, I believe the term of art is concentrate. By the way, weren’t the Republicans freaking out a couple of years ago over ‘FEMA camps.’ Now, they want to build a big ‘FEMA camp.’ Then again, intellectual consistency has never been one of their strong suits. Speaking of which, here’s Bachmann:

For her part, Bachmann said that “100 percent of the girls coming up from Guatemala were on birth control” because they expected to be raped along the way to the U.S.

Seems more concerned about the birth control than the raping (but maybe it’s not legitimate rape? Or something). Anyway, it’s good to know the Border Patrol has God on its side:

During a conference call last month with the National Emergency Coalition, Rep. Steve King said that the U.S. needs to crack down on immigration because our nation’s borders were established by God. Disrespecting the borders, the congressman suggested, is disrespecting God’s will.

Maybe we could charge the kids with blasphemy while we’re at it?

These are elected officials, not some cranks on the intertoobz. And they really aren’t like the rest of us.

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