Blogging, Narcissism, And Ebola (Oh My?)

Blogging requires a heavy dose of delusion, if not outright narcissism: you have to believe that your writing will genuinely make a difference, when, in reality, you’re usually just shouting at clouds. But this display of narcissism by Erick Erickson (yes, CNN actually paid this bozo money for his opinions) which equates the ‘calling’ of blogging to, well…, just… (boldface mine):

Not every Christian survives. Many are martyred. We, as Christians, should understand each person is called by the Lord in different ways. Ann [Coulter] and I are called to our keyboards to write and speak boldly. Dr. Brantly was called to Africa.

Holy Hephaestus, Erickson compared blogging to treating sick people whose disease could kill you. I’m waiting for the “Jesus is my content provider” bumper sticker. Of course, Coulter makes him seem reasonable, since she argued that Brantly shouldn’t have been helping at all.

At least he didn’t compare it to this medic:

(from here)

Movement conservatives’ brains are broken.

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  1. Its hard to figure. The New York Times continues to pay that waste of space Tom Friedman who hasn’t had an original thought in years. The people in the comment threads of his editorials have more original thoughts than he does.

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