“If They Can Control Your Reproductive Cycle…They Can Control You”

Texan lieutenant governor candidate Leticia Van de Putte–actually, her mother–distills the War on Contraception down to its essence (boldface mine):

My mother is 82. Her perspective [on last summer’s filibuster] is very different than my perspective. My mom says, “Honey, this isn’t about reproductive rights. This isn’t about your health. It’s about control. If they can control your reproductive cycle, they can control your career. If they can control your career, they can control you and your destiny and what you want to achieve.” She told me, “Remember when I told you that you would be the first generation of women who would be defined by yourselves and not by who your daddy is or who you’re married to?” She said, “That’s what this is about.”

In my mom’s generation, you had a really good excuse to not engage: “Oh, my daddy doesn’t like that, my husband won’t let me.” But now, if you elect the folks that would take us back 40 years, then you don’t get to say, “I get to choose my destiny.” You let someone else define that for you.

Enough of their past. Time for our future.

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