Links 7/16/14

Links for you. Science:

My Cyborg Ear: How a Surgeon and Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness
Gulper Eel
The Leader of the Smallpox-Eradication Effort Speaks About the Virus’s Rediscovery
After Lapses, C.D.C. Admits a Lax Culture at Labs


Wrong Answer: In an era of high-stakes testing, a struggling school made a shocking choice.
Why PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Can’t Have It All
Union fights to strip reporting provision from campaign finance reform bill
I clean high school bathrooms, and my new $15/hour salary will change everything
This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions
In search of search theory (search theory could only developed by people who have never had to make real hiring decisions. Akin to celibate priests discussing human sexuality…)
Cynk Makes the Case for Buying Friends, Naked Short Selling
Sorry, New Hampshire Won’t Accept Your D.C. Driver’s License
The Last to Go
And now: The criminalization of parenthood
Stop The JerkTech
A farewell to trust: Obama’s Germany syndrome
D.C. housing complex’s decline raises questions about management, politics

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