Links 4/7/14

Links for you. Science:

How Denmark eradicated salmonella in poultry (must-read)
Guinea’s Ebola outbreak: ‘There are far worse diseases out there’. Travellers should be more concerned about malaria and hepatitis A, experts say
Rural states seek to sap research funds from Boston
US doctors’ group says patients should have option not to know their DNA: New genome-sequencing recommendation will enable patients to opt out of testing. (before all the genomicists blow a gasket, it’s not uncommon for people to not want to know their results, especially if there’s little to be done; the MDs and public health specialists aren’t making this shit up)
Evolution Slapping You in the Face with Its Whiplike Tail


The Two Opposite Approaches to School-Reform: One Works, The Other Fails; Why Does Obama Push the Failed Approach? (wouldn’t call myself “brilliant”, but it’s a good post anyway)
PISA’s Problem-Solving Results Are Interesting, But That’s It
Gaius Publius: ​IPCC Accidentally Proves that “International Cooperation” on Climate Change is Dead​ ​​
The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship
When communicating medical information, do so clearly and unambiguously
David Byrne: Breaking Up with the Internet
Why Mozilla’s Chief Had to Resign (this is obvious to anyone who has worked in the non-profit sector; in religious/conservative organizations, other transgressions cause you to lose your job–consider Dinesh D’Souza)
Why Do So Many Leftists Want Sex Work to Be the New Normal? Yes, let’s erase stigma. But feminists, please: let’s not forget to talk about male privilege.
15 ways to push Philadelphians out of their cars
Do The Maths
The Dangerous Absurdity of the Secret “Cuban Twitter”
Brandon Eich was a victim of market forces, conservatives should applaud

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