Links 4/3/14

Links for you. Science:

What exactly is it that 53% of neuroscience articles fail to do?
Black death was not spread by rat fleas, say researchers: Evidence from skulls in east London shows plague had to have been airborne to spread so quickly (not mutually exclusive hypotheses; both could have happened)
The truth about the great American science shortfall
Farm-Drug Companies Agree to Antibiotics Ban. More of the Same, or Fresh Start?
Teachers teaching misconceptions: a study of factors contributing to high school biology students’ acquisition of biological evolution-related misconceptions


Why Is the Democratic Party Alienating Its Base? (good question because for many Democrats, it’s personal)
High School Safety in Northern Virginia
Science and data journalism at Nate Silver’s new 538
The tribe has no right-wing boundary: Liberty University is not ‘controversial’
A Vortex of Fire. Bonus: Tumbleweedocalypse.
This is how rainfall looks from an airplane.
Other People’s Pathologies
Voting For Neoliberal Democrats As The Lesser Of Two Evils
Court docs: Google hiked wages to combat “hot, young” Facebook after Sandberg refused to join hiring cartel
What These American Educators Learned in Finland
Animals Sitting on Capybaras
Jobs and Skills and Zombies
The New Ukrainian Government Is Poised to Abandon the LGBT Activists Who Were on the Front Lines

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