Links 11/8/13

Links for you. Science:

Tillandsia: Florida’s Air Plants
Why We Should be Concerned About a Mass Starfish Die-Off and/or Disease!
Western black rhino declared extinct
Antibiotic Overuse on Farms: Is the Opinion Tide Turning?
Career alternatives, not alternative careers (excellent)
This Programmable 6,000-Part Drawing Boy Automata is Arguably the First Computer and It Was Built 240 Years Ago


So You Want To Be A Democrat? (excellent)
Laboring under a cloud in Boston (excellent)
29 Breathtaking Día De Los Muertos Photos
The Addams Family set, photographed in color
Slurs in Incognito’s messages
Northwestern’s Very Literal Wounded Warrior Uniforms (what dumb motherfucker thought this was a good idea?)
Failure is in the Eye of the Political Hack: Thoughts & Data on NJ Failure Factories & NOLA Miracles
How My Social Justice Failed my Family
Keep up the climate fight, Democrats
Pedestrians, bicyclists at disproportionate risk of being killed by a distracted driver
Bigger than Google Fiber: LA plans citywide gigabit for homes and businesses

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  1. Min says:

    “In my youth the “automata” of choice was either a Tomy Omnibot or a demonic Teddy Ruxpin”

    In my youth “automata” was the plural of “automaton”.

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