Will Republicans Mark Their Beliefs to Market? The Virginia Edition

The other Commonwealth that I’ve lived in, Virginia, does not like Republicans these days (boldface mine):

Knock-knock: “I’m fed up with all of you,” says Tony Smathers, a retired research physicist at the Naval Research Lab.

Knock-knock: “It must really suck to be a Republican right now,” says a federal worker who, truth be told, is a Republican herself.

Knock-knock: “Lifelong Republican,” says the woman at the door, a senior executive in the military. “I’m sorry — I have to tell you, I’m not apt to vote for anyone in my own party this year. Can’t do it.”

…Nichols plans to vote for McAuliffe, largely because “I don’t like the hard line that Cuccinelli takes on those social issues. I’m a Christian, but God allows people the freedom to do things that maybe I don’t do. I agree that all life is sacred, but life is complicated.”

…Mitchell is appalled by the Republican’s rhetoric on abortion and his proposal a few years ago to define “personhood” as beginning at the moment of fertilization, an approach that medical groups said could have limited women’s access to contraception.

Don’t kid yourself: many of these voters are conservatives, they are simply not frothing at the mouth Tea Partiers and theocrats (even if religion matters to them). This should tell you just how far to the right Republicans have moved.

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