Links 10/15/13

Links for you. Science:

The (full) NASA “ball-point pen story”
Jewish Moms
Alzheimer’s breakthrough: key questions answered. Everything you need to know about new research that could lead to future treatments for neurodegenerative diseases (this is the way medical discoveries should be reported)
Shutdown Salmonella Outbreak Continues. CDC Food Safety Chief: ‘We Have a Blind Spot.’
280 sick; Just cook it doesn’t cut it, difference between prevention and monitoring


Here they go again (very good)
Why Do So Many Workers Have Bad Jobs?
Right-wing coup: Deluded secessionists have already won. Conservative secessionists want their own country? Their agenda already rules, even though a majority opposes it
Could suburbs be self-powering?
Madman Theory
Automatic Destabilizers
The House GOP’s Little Rule Change That Guaranteed A Shutdown
Educating the professors and other liberals on disabilities
Rabbis Said to Use Torture, for Fee, to Force Divorce
Too quiet on sex ed
Back Door Secession
Notes on the Seniority Smokescreen
Upstairs, Downstairs at the University of Chicago
The chained CPI: A zombie benefit cut still walks
Tea Partier With Ten Children on Medicaid Denounces Government Involvement in Health Insurance (“Remember that democracy includes both people who can think and people who are caught up in the creationist stage of the dinosaurs.”)

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