Links 10/14/13

Links for you. Science:

Air pollution and the gut: Are fine particles linked to bowel disease?
The only way to survive is to fake data
Bad Kids Can’t Blame Their Genes?
Scientists Speak Out on Harm of Research Hiatus (Op-Ed)
PETM Shocker: When CO2 Levels Doubled 55 Million Years Ago, Earth May Have Warmed 9°F In 13 Years


WTF Does Obama Think They Were Doing at Stonewall? (must-read)
The Great Library at Alexandria was destroyed by budget cuts, not fire
Wahlberg FiOS commercial missing one thing: FiOS in Boston
It’s time to redesign the federal Obamacare exchange site
Budget Brinksmanship: American Exceptionalism Gone Bad
Darrell Issa’s Health-Care Plan Is Basically a Plush Obamacare: The House Republican says he wants to replace the president’s plan with one that has most of the same features but more generous government subsidies.
The Reagan Undead
Borrowing from the Future — Except that We Aren’t
Two Bodies, One Job: Why academic couples struggle to find work in the same cities.
East Texas dairy farmers affected by shutdown: ‘Milk prices could skyrocket’
Were the First Artists Mostly Women? Three-quarters of handprints in ancient cave art were left by women, study finds.
GOP reps – if they had another brain it would be lonely
The 5 creepiest things about how the Koch brothers engineered the shutdown

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1 Response to Links 10/14/13

  1. hipparchia says:

    “Issa’s plan would be better than the one passed into law in 2010, he insisted, because it would be based on the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan. Yet that plan is far more generous to consumers than Obamacare and would likely cost the government more were it extended to the uninsured population as a whole.”

    and this would be bad because … why? (aside from the fact that it’s darrell issa and he’s a republican)

    it’s not medicare-for-all and it’s certainly not va-for-all but extending the fehbp to everyone who wants it, without compulsion and with generous subsidies, is probably much closer to rockefeller republicanism than is the ppaca. not to mention that it would have been faster and easier to expand a long-existing program than to build a new rube goldberg apparatus from scratch.

    but noooooo. now we’re going to be treated to months? years? of liberals, progressives, and assorted democrats telling us why a bastardized version of the far-right heritage foundation plan is better than a moderately liberal rockefeller-esque idea.

    and i can hardly wait to see what the ppaca defenders come up with when republicans start talking about extending medicare to more people….

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