Links 10/2/13

Links for you. Science:

Failed Biotech Start-up Potential Motive For Shooting
The return of measles: Tallying the true costs of avoiding an essential vaccine.
Ultimate Publication Rate of Unpublished Manuscripts Listed on Radiology Residency Applications at One Institution.
Everything You Needed to Know About the Internet in May, 1994


The JP Morgan apologists of CNBC (must-read)
Actually, The Historic Parallel is Pretty Good Here (very good, though I do think the people who supported these idiots have to bear personal responsibility for their actions)
Fast Food Workers Are Not Your Slaves
THE “TYPICAL” Boston Roommates (other than calling the Financial District “FiDi” and dumping on East Boston–which has some cool stuff, this is really good)
The House Republican Caucus: Conspiring to Murder American Citizens
Boston’s ‘neighborhood first’ thinking (this is especially tragic when it comes to schools)
Single Payer, Period
Osagie Obasogie Book: If Blind People Aren’t Colorblind, Who Is?
SF Techie Explains Why the World Should Revolve Around Bay Area Techies (funny)
Wapo Busts Ag Department for Spending 0.000004 Percent of the Budget on Toner Cartridges
Porn Director: I Was Totally Against Mandatory Condom Use in Sex Flicks, Until Now
Fools and Fixers

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