Links 8/24/13

Links for you. Science:

Research commercialization: not just for profit
8-Year-Old Never Ages, Could Reveal ‘Biological Immortality’
A few words about math (excellent)
Roaches in NYC Cluster by Neighborhood
Lizards Save California from Lyme Disease
The Top 50 NIH-Funded Universities (surprised Harvard and MIT both rank so low–doesn’t seem right)


When Jeff Toobin was Snowden and Greenwald, but just for money (now it’s getting exciting!)
Why Progressives Are Lame
How to Become a Part-Time Worker Without Really Trying
23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert
How low can you get: the minimum wage scam. Wonder why benefit spending is rising? Simple: corporations get away with crappy wages, so government has to make up the rest
Americans’ Inexplicable Aversion to the 1990s (though it’s the 45+ crowd that doesn’t like them)
The God of ‘SNL’ Will See You Now
The Citi Bike Story No One’s Talking About: Only 3 Injuries in 500,000 Rides
Report: Long-term education investments lead to higher wages
Polls Reach Different Conclusions on Teacher Evaluations Tied to Scores
The Pizza of Privilege: My Experiences with Anti-Semitism in Academia (last paragraph is key)
Those struggling $300,000-a-year households in the WSJ
Impeachment? Bring It On
Disappointed, Not Surprised
A Pathetic Slap from a Lying Bully

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3 Responses to Links 8/24/13

  1. joemac53 says:

    As is my habit, I read several of your daily links. The last one, about a “lying bully” was not easy to get through. I am an old, non-tweeting guy. Journalism by tweets sucks.

  2. diegovela says:

    Foust? Ha.
    Use google

    “Going after Elena Kostyuchenko is as low as it gets: She’s the only independent journalist to get a report out of Zhanaozen, where Kazakh riot police slaughtered up to 70-plus striking oil workers and locals. It was Kostyuchenko’s on-the-ground reporting, in a city cordoned off and under violent martial law in order to keep reporters like her out, that blew a hole in the regime’s official lowball death toll figure of 13-17 or so—the more “acceptable” death toll figure that Foust demanded others in the Western media abide by as well. Kostyuchenko’s eyewitnesses and sources reported a death toll closer to 100, while Kyrgyzstan’s opposition channel K-Plus reported up to 70 dead and 500 wounded, which the AFP ran on its wires.

    It was when I contradicted the Kazakhstan dictator’s official death count that Foust first attacked me. So in order to protect Nazarbayev, Foust & Friends have taken on the sordid business of smearing one of Russia’s most daring, heroic independent journalists as a “rumor monger,” comparing her to a “hag” or “village bimbo” who spreads gossip and believes anything she’s told.”

  3. Lindsay says:

    Huh. For my age group, the 1990s are tied for most popular decade! With the ’20s. I’m not sure what to make of the desire to return to the ’20s … yes, there was awesome stuff happening in art, music and literature, but what about the Crash of 1929? And the state of medicine at the time … women still died in childbirth a lot more than they do now (from the graph on this page it looks like maybe a little less than 800/100,000 live births in 1920, and about 700/100,000 in 1930), and Fleming didn’t publish his discovery of penicillin until the end of the decade, so I guess you were SOL if you caught something and couldn’t clear it on your own.

    I think I’d pick the ’90s. Or just stay here.

    (And of course it’s the 65+ folks who all want to go back to the ’50s! No surprises there!)

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