Links 7/6/13

Links for you. Science:

Science Is Hard?: “A Major in Science? Initial Beliefs and Final Outcomes for College Major and Dropout”
Pre-Pregnancy Diabetes Increases Risk of MRSA Among New Mothers
Evolution makes the grade: Kansas, Kentucky and other states will also teach climate-change science.
Hot Dog Eating Contest: What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 68 Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes
Why we need engineers (funny)


The Battle Of Gettysburg Day 2: The Charge To Win 300 Seconds
A Pro-Choice Texan’s Dispatch From the National Right to Life Convention
Star Trek promotes bestiality because Kirk sleeps with alien chicks, religious right says
North Carolina GOP will ban Sharia law by enacting it (this is like the Mobieus strip of laws)
The regressive domestic complexity tax (unneeded complexity is a feature, not a bug. FREEDOM!)
Patent lawsuit targets four iRobot rivals: Company says Roomba technology misused (hopefully, this won’t apply to the Doomba)
The Benefits of the Safety Net, Part 2
How Food Stamp Resentment Feeds Crabby Conservatism
Revolution Blues: Why do popular histories of the War of Independence ignore modern scholarship? (because they don’t sell)
Computer Visionary Who Invented the Mouse
A 5,000 year-old pyramid has been completely levelled in Peru
On the Meanings of “Dishonor” and “Hack”
The changing nature of work
Why Don’t Americans Take More Vacations? Blame It on Independence Day
Professor from Right-Wing Evangelical University Touts Benefits of Domestic Drones to National Sheriff’s Conference: Prof. John Marselus of Liberty University focuses on drones “to prepare Champions for Christ in all areas of aviation.” (fucking nutso)
Commander Sawyer’s Charge

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