Aftermath of the Fourth

Observed on the Esplanade, Boston, July 5th:


Compared to previous years, turnout was very low (including last year when it rained, hard). It was probably a combination of heat, Boston being relatively empty, and excessive coverage of heightened security (which really wasn’t that heightened).

By the way, am I the only who thinks Boston seems empty compared to years past? Not sure why, but a strong (or not-weak) Boston economy lets people leave town, while a weak national economy lessens the number of the tourists.

That said, the fireworks were spectacular this year, and not being on the national TV schedule meant they could occur at a reasonable hour.

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  1. Marlana says:

    Security was a bit higher… My husband & I tried to kayak down the Charles to the Pops rehearsal concert on the 3rd – Mass State Police wouldn’t let us go downriver from the Mass Ave bridge between 7-9pm. In years past, we’ve paddled down to the Charles River basin on the 4th to watch the fireworks & listen to the Pops without ever being stopped.
    This year, you had to anchor and couldn’t drift in between those hours.

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