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Links 6/23/13

Links for you. Science: The $1000 myth (similar thoughts here) Dog Genetics Spur Scientific Spat Want to stop flu epidemics? Give workers paid sick days Good news! After cancer is cured twice, we now have a cure for Diabetes! Will … Continue reading

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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

But I’ll give you one anyway. Observed on Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay:

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How to Loot a City

Ordinarily, I would put this in the links roundup, but this post by Richard Eskow about the looting of Detroit is excellent (boldface mine): It’s not going to be the politicians whose decisions undermined Detroit. And it’s not going to … Continue reading

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Links 6/22/13

Links for you. Science: Rep. Slaughter Urges President Obama to Consider Limits on Antibiotic Use on Livestock at G8 Summit Supreme Court denies gene patents–or does it? Why sequence the tuatara genome? The Bayes wars in Science The evidence of … Continue reading

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Not All CEOs Are Assholes

Because some of them remember where they came from. One of my regular reads is Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny. Klein is one of the more interesting bloggers out there–he started blogging after stepping down from being the head … Continue reading

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Links 6/21/13

Links for you. Science: FIRE Urchins! Brilliant Shallow water cousins of the “tam o shanter”/pancake urchins! Environmentalists Must Face Down the Anti-Science in Their Own House Boston Children’s Hospital Finds Root Cause of Diabetes (type I, ‘juvenile diabetes’) Bringing out … Continue reading

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Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me…

…a Mercedes Benz? Observed on Beacon Hill, Boston: The front:

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Why I Think Yahoo’s Mayer Is a Bad CEO: The Flickr Edition

It has nothing to with issues of work-life balance or the whole work-from-home controversy. Nope. In a word, Flickr. Flickr, a picture storage and web display site, now owned by Yahoo, used to be a very good product (note: this … Continue reading

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Links 6/20/13

Links for you. Science: A New Way to Do Nuclear (this sounds a lot like thorium–based reactors, which aren’t new at all. Still promising though) Experts propose restoring invisible and abandoned trials ‘to correct the scientific record’ Debunking The Narrative … Continue reading

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Vendome, In Memoriam

Observed at the Vendome Hotel Fire Memorial, Commonwealth Mall, Back Bay: Saturday, June 17, 1972:

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