Jindal Continues to Devalue a Brown Biology Degree

Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal recently defended teaching creationism in schools:

Jindal also said he has no problem with creationism being taught in public schools as long as a local school board OK’s it. Since the state is committed to national academic standards, he said, as long as schools are teaching evolution they should be allowed to teach other theories as well. “What are we scared of?” he said. “Let (students) debate and learn … give them critical thinking skills.”

I’ve been through this before, but there is no conceivable way a graduate of Brown University’s Biology program in 1991 could possibly possibly think (such as it is) that creationism is in anyway a valid scientific theory. I was in that program that year, and it would have been impossible to escape the centrality of evolution to biology. So either Jindal is being willfully ignorant or horribly cynical.

And this is guy who has been touted as the possible future of the Republican Party….

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6 Responses to Jindal Continues to Devalue a Brown Biology Degree

  1. AndrewD says:

    “Willfully ignorant or horribly cynical”
    These are not mutually exclusive.
    i wonder when we will offer political asylum to educated and sane US citizens?

  2. coloncancercommunity says:

    Wasn’t this the same guy who said the republican party should stop being the part of “stupid”? Or was that some other moron?

  3. Barbara says:

    Sometimes I think Louisiana schools should be given what Louisiana seems to think it wants — true, vigorous, fact-based classes on the evolution / creationism controversy. Classes where the poverty of creationism would be presented fully. Of course, at the high school level only teachers at the edge of retirement or those who wanted to leave the state anyway could do this.

  4. albanaeon says:

    I agree with Barbara on this. If they really want a “teach the controversy,” let’s go ahead and do it. We’ll start out by giving a full on, full bore lesson in evolution, with books that don’t sidestep the issue and lessons that go in-depth into the evidence and reasoning behind it. We should start at elementary with the scientific method and continue every year on biology and chemistry and the like until we have at least be a full year lesson for every high schooler on evolution itself. Then creationism gets its shot. I think maybe three days ought to give them more than enough time to cover everything they’ve got and the massive amount of hand waving they have. Then, we’ll let them choose which one makes the most sense.
    Creationism only continues to be a force in the country because of the basic ignorance of the general populace. Take away the ignorance that we allow to foster in our education system, put there by the very forces that thrive on that ignorance, and it would die very quickly. That we’d get a highly educated populace ready for a modern world is just a big side benefit.

  5. daktre says:

    Or…he is just being what he is…a politician, who’s not bothered so much about the effects of his position on society as he is about building up a secure vote for himself.

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