Weird Questions Tourists Ask Me

So I’m standing at the corner of Exeter and Newbury and a tourist asks me which way to the Prudential Center. I was polite and gave instructions, but it was really tempting just to point up:


You might just want to start walking towards the big building that has “PRUDENTIAL” on it.

Spring has arrived I suppose.

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5 Responses to Weird Questions Tourists Ask Me

  1. hehe…I had the same experience with people in Boston in 1969, 1970, 1971…

    Nothing changes.

  2. Physicalist says:

    If by “spring” you mean 4-6 inches of snow . . .

  3. Bill White says:

    You could have pointed at the building and said, “There it is, but I really don’t know how you get there from here.”

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