Links 3/8/13

Links for you. Science:

The Origin of the Friendly Wolf that Confused Darwin
What’s Wrong with Obama’s Brain Activity Map Proposal (why are we mapping Obama’s brain? Heh)
On Being an “African-American Scientist”
The gene (machine) and we
Why Johnny Can’t Name His Colors


Let Me Tell You About ‘Being White In Philly’ (must-read)
Len Bias Still Makes Everyone Crazy
This is why I love experimental psychology (incredible video)
10 years later, Dixie Chicks right all along
If Democrats Want to Solve the Sequester, They Should Move Left (no shit)
The Wrong Definition Of “Literally” Is Literally Going In The Dictionary: This is figuratively the worst thing ever.
Hard Times In The Monkeyhouse
It Didn’t Start Last Week
Helicopters Hired, Oregon School Prepares for Active Shooter Drill
Nothing New Under the Wingnut Sun: Reckless Spending Cuts
Where Is the Worst Air in the World?
Aging boomers who can’t drive will be trapped in unwalkable cities of their own making
Policy wonks, pitchforks, and the contradictions of capitalism

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