But There Is a Name For Idiot White Men Who Drift Into Power

We call them conservative southern politicians. Amanda Marcotte writes (boldface mine):

I’m beginning to think we need a new term for white male Republicans whose gender, party, and skin color allows them to drift into positions that hold a lot of power without anyone noticing that they’re very, very stupid. Like the Peter Principle, but for conservative white guys. Gov. Rick Scott of Florida is a fairly clear-cut example of how this works. Every time his name is in a story headline, one thing is absolutely certain: The reader will be forced at some point during the story to shake her head and think, “How did his supporters never notice that he’s dumber than a bag of corn chips?”

…The question here is simple: What did Scott think was going to happen? Did he really think that by posturing around the state promoting dishonest propaganda about the Medicaid expansion, he would get the federal government to say, “Hey, just kidding! Florida is totally exempt from all federal legislation!” How many seconds was it after the federal government accepted Florida’s request to run their own experimental Medicaid that Scott said, “Great goblets, Batman! Obama called our bluff!” Three seconds? Four seconds? Did he need time to scratch his nuts ponderously before calling a press conference and saying, “Just kidding!”

This is nothing new. Consider this guy:

Katzenbach Wallace

As stupid as Gov. Orval Faubus was (and, by the way, they don’t name them like that any more), he had to know he didn’t stand a chance against President Eisenhower, who previous job titles included Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe and Supreme Commander of NATO. Faubus had to know once Eisenhower decided to act and federalized the Guard, it was all over. There was no conceivable way Faubus could prevent desegregation.

But that wasn’t the point. Faubus was playing to his base, which then, as now, just doesn’t care much for those people. He also hoped a political backlash against desegregation would protect him politically. I don’t see how what Gov. Scott is doing today is any different, except Scott is pandering to fears of dictatorship by the Kenyan Muslimanianist.

Scott is just another reactionary pseudo-populist southern politician.

And that’s what he should be called.

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4 Responses to But There Is a Name For Idiot White Men Who Drift Into Power

  1. SLC says:

    Is that Orville Fabus? It looks like George Wallace.

  2. Min says:

    That is George Wallace, standing briefly in the doorway in Tuscaloosa to object to the integration of the University of Alabama. I heard Wallace on the radio in the days leading up to the integration. He told people repeatedly not to come to the University campus, that he would stand up for them against integration. When the confrontation came, he stood in the doorway, made a short speech, and stepped aside. Unlike Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett, who had the highway patrol stay off the campus of Ole Miss when it had been integrated in the previous fall, Wallace prevented bloodshed. Smart man.

  3. hipparchia says:

    sorry, i like amanda marcotte, but it’s progressives who are stupider than corn chips, not rick scott.

    scott was just holding out for permission from the obama administration to completely privatize florida’s medicaid – and he got it. http://www.examiner.com/topic/medicaid-privatization/articles

    oh, and it’s not like that’s likely to benefit hime personally, or anything. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/03/rick-scott-florida-medicaid-solantic#13629442749361&action=collapse_widget&id=1367853

    iirc, adding a third link will get a comment sent to spam purgatory, so i’ll just suggest typing “rick scott” and “medicare fraud” into your favorite search engine…

    if you check on the other republican governors who are “caving” on medicaid expansion, you’ll find they’re all being promised medicaid privatization waivers for their states.

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