Links 12/12/12

This will be the last of those dates numerologists love for a while, so let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Budget Woes May Restrict Scientific Discovery
Bed Bug Trend Stories: Stop the Madness
Appeals court puts 1st Amendment over public health
Get the genomes of up to 12 type strains of bacteria and/or archaea sequenced, for free
Pseudoscience saps the power of the TED brand


How the Mainstream Press Bungled the Single Biggest Story of the 2012 Campaign (excellent)
Shorter Eric Cantor: “The Rights of White Men to Sexually Assault Women of Color Shall Not Be Abridged!”
Police to respond to residents’ concerns over aggressive turkeys
Raising the Medicare eligibility age and Saddam Hussein (Chait is one of those ‘progressives’ who is absolutely terrified that the cool kids will call him a hippie)
Nebraska Kids to Learn America Is Awesome, Climate Change Is Just a Theory (as usual, education ‘reformers’ are absolutely silent)
Dick Morris, Con Artist
Rise of the Robots
Neighborhood effects
Now WaPo: Could two platinum coins solve the debt-ceiling crisis? (just mint the damn coin already; note to Greg Sargent: this is no more ridiculous than turning the filibuster into a standard supermajority requirement; it’s in the damn rules–use it)
Is Harvard Just a Tax-Free Hedge Fund? (this is the Harvard-as-hedge-fund post to read)
Future Fox News Superstar Greg Gutfeld Is Ignorant, and Proud of It
The 6 Economic Facts of Life in America That Allow the Rich to Run off with Our Wealth

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Nebraska Kids to Learn America Is Awesome, Climate Change Is Just a Theory ***

    In the course of reviewing the topic of Climate Change several google searches got constructed. One spoke of “The overlap of creationism and global-warming denialism”.

    Now if these cranks would confine their stupid activities to denying evolution, nothing much would happen except for lots of the kids in Nebraska growing up as mirror images of their elders and become Ignorant Peckerheads themselves. No, they can’t stop at that – they’re on a Mission From God to destroy the planet.

    And guess what? The suicidal plan is working to perfection. It’s expected Nebraska will be one of the early casualties of Climate Change. From a 2007 article in the UK Guardian:

    “Nebraska isn’t at the top of most tourists’ to-do lists. However, this dreary expanse of impossibly flat plains sits in the middle of one of the most productive agricultural systems on Earth. Beef and corn dominate the economy, and the Sand Hills region – where low, grassy hillocks rise up from the flatlands – has some of the best cattle ranching in the whole US. But scratch beneath the grass and you will find, as the name suggests, not soil but sand. These innocuous-looking hills were once desert, part of an immense system of sand dunes that spread across the Great Plains from Texas in the south to the Canadian prairies in the north. Six thousand years ago, when temperatures were about 1C warmer than today in the US, these deserts may have looked much as the Sahara does today. As global warming bites, the western US could once again be plagued by perennial drought – devastating agriculture and driving out human inhabitants on a scale far larger than the 1930s “Dustbowl” exodus.”

    So far as I know, there is not the slightest bit of doubt about the Nebraska area once being indistinguishable from the Sahara. Just as there isn’t any doubt the Sahara was once greener and nicer than present day Nebraska. And all it took six thousand years ago was a 1 °C of temperature increase.

    Well guess what? We’re on track to a 6 °C temperature increase by 2100.

    Notice how that report was put together by economists, not scientists. Why have the climate scientists been playing it so safe and conservative with their own predictions? Because they have been and still are being hounded by the Ignorant Peckerheads – a group who from now on will be labeled IPs. They get hate male and email/phone threats from the footsoldier IPs, and organized harassment from IPs holding state and federal office. So they play it safe. Of course there’s another reason – they’re human too, and to look at their young kids and grandkids and KNOW those kids won’t be dying of old age – well, that’s a factor too. Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

    My first link author wrote “Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet”, and National Geographic made a video titled “Six Degrees Could Change The World” based on that book.

    I have the DVD because in times past I didn’t have fast internet and couldn’t watch shows online. If you have the stomach for ‘ugly outcomes’, watch the video online.

    But getting back to the too-low estimates of climate change progression up till now, another one to watch is a Nova program “Dimming the Sun”. It covers one of the climate’s nasty “surprises”. Short version from the wiki:

    “Some climate scientists have theorized that aircraft contrails (also called vapor trails) are implicated in global dimming, but the constant flow of air traffic previously meant that this could not be tested. The near-total shutdown of civil air traffic during the three days following the September 11, 2001 attacks afforded a unique opportunity in which to observe the climate of the United States absent from the effect of contrails. During this period, an increase in diurnal temperature variation of over 1 °C (1.8 °F) was observed in some parts of the U.S., i.e. aircraft contrails may have been raising nighttime temperatures and/or lowering daytime temperatures by much more than previously thought.[26]”

    Kaboom – instant warming once those contrails were gone. This effect has been dampening global warming measurements and predictions, and it’s also why the crazy Geo-engineering ideas involve us humans trying to do something similar on a much larger scale.

    Cutting to the chase, I’d strongly advise making any medium-term housing or land investments in Nebraska, and long term purchases would be stupid beyond belief.

    Ditto for seacoast properties. Especially the low-lying areas like the eastern seaboard. Another potential nasty surprise:

    That ice going to raise sea levels – no doubt whatever. It’s just a matter of ‘when’. What the cheery media emphasizes is that it’ll be a slooooooooow process of melting. Maybe, maybe not. One of these days some major chunks of Greenland’s ice could simply slide into the ocean. And remember, unlike when the Arctic sea ice melts, when Greenland’s ice (or meltwater) gets to the ocean, the effect is an instant rise in sea level because the ice cap is currently setting on land, not floating like the northern ice cap.

    Bush did nothing at all about climate change. Obama has done nothing except to run his mouth, and shows no signs of doing anything useful. To the contrary, he’s doing lots of things to make the situation worse. Keystone Pipeline. Fracking everywhere. Playing Emperor of the World in a massive oil grab. Perhaps he has a point – you’re no deader at 7 °C than at 6°. Maybe just a little quicker though….

    The world is dying, and nobody is doing a thing to stop it. Instead, the IPs are doing what they can to make it happen faster.

    Time to end on that note. Sweet dreams.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Have a Happy

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