Links 10/1/12

Links for you. Science:

Why Mitt Romney’s Lyme Disease Mailers Are Dangerous
Science: Growing Too Fast?
Milk, meat and blood: how diet drives natural selection in the Maasai
Is American conservatism a type of autism? No, but being an offensive lout apparently crosses all borders (it is amazing how many people confuse autism with psychopathy)


What Charter Schools Do Best (must-read)
This is what plutocracy looks like
HGSE Researchers: BPS Plans Will Increase Inequity
I am a job creator: A manifesto for the entitled (when Steven Pearlstein sounds like a Wobblie, you know the wheel has turned)
Mitt Romney’s Real Agenda
Telling people to leave finance
The Feminist Hate-Read Book Club Reads Naomi Wolf’s Vagina: A New Biography
The Geography of Nope
‘Will American Innovation Slow If We Go ‘Cuddly’?’
IS FRANK BRUNI NOW THE WORST OP-ED COLUMNIST AT THE NEW YORK TIMES? (remember, people have to like this crap)
The “Pauperization of Europe”

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  1. Art says:

    The Romney and Lyme (the preferred drink of plutocrats everywhere) link is declared by Google to be an attack site. Firefox seems to agree but I’m not sure that is an independent assessment. ThinkProgress is exactly the sort of site, outspoken and effective, that the right would want to sabotage.

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