Links 9/8/12

Links for you. Science:

ENCODE: the rough guide to the human genome
ENCODE Leader Says that 80% of Our Genome Is Functional (functional in a colloquial sense versus a biochemical sense are two very different things)
How A $440,000 Drug Is Turning Alexion Into Biotech’s New Innovation Powerhouse
So you got a job with your prof: advice for undergrads
Mapping a genetic world beyond genes


Former Abortion Provider Says Climate Now More Dangerous than When He Performed Illegal Abortions
At the elite colleges – dim white kids
The Old Dawg Still Can Hunt (important perspective on Clinton’s speech)
How Regulation Really Does Change Eating Behavior
Voter ID Wars
U.S. Used This Torture Box to Interrogate Gadhafi’s Enemies
Sandra Fluke’s Speech Made Republicans Crazy. Which Is Just What the Democrats Want.
Visions of the Apocalypse: Not in Fire, Nor in Ice, But in the Empyting Beds of a Nursing Home
Why I Pay for Content (And Why That Makes Me Feel Like a Sucker)
DNC Day 2: Bill Clinton in Full Bloom
The Dialogue With the Gates Foundation: What Happens When Profits Drive Reform?
Last Night, Elizabeth Warren Became a Politician
The Emperor Has No Clothes : Review of three books on the state of economics (Adler’s book is excellent, by the way)
Empowerment (not just old people either)
The Bankers Are Coming for the Senate
Leave Your Cellphone at Home

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