Links 6/25/12

Links for you. Science:

Why cockroaches need their friends
Don’t be fooled by the cloud: the web is physical (I would add that if you don’t physically possess your data, or at least a backup, then it’s not really yours; you’re just renting space on way or another)
What’s the Matter With Creationism?
CHUCK NORRIS’ ‘PASTOR’ WRITES ALL OF HIS PLAGIARIZED COLUMNS (the plagarism of science writer Carl Zimmer just got even weirder)
Self-Hating Political Scientist


Abortions Have Made Life Better for Millions Of Men: It’s About Time to Speak Up in Support
How things work (excellent post)
The Other Slant: The Fearless Flyer Erica Jong on media titans Arianna, Tina, Rupert and more (fascinating read)
22% of American Children Are Living in Poverty, But Obama and Romney Do Not Care
Who’s Afraid of Secular Government? (worse, the pretty talk doesn’t win votes and only weakens your supporters. Which is standard operating procedure for Dems…)
The Reflexive Libertarianism of Mainstream Economists, as Applied to the Analysis of Conditional Cash Transfers
What doth it profit religious demagogues to gain direct mail millions and lose their souls?
Mindless Blare
Image from George Takei (read top to bottom)
Matt Taibbi and Your Humble Blogger on Bill Moyers (I don’t usually recommend video, but this is worth it)
Madonna thinks fans want her DNA (she’s nut–probably thinks someone can put a curse on her or something)
The billionaires list
Rep. McKeon Traded Corinthian Colleges Stock While Shifting Billions To For-Profit College Industry
Breaking Down Barriers to Fitness – Dealing with the T&R
Farewell to Chocolate City
Banana Truck Crash Destroys Historic 1745 Massachusetts Building

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