Dear Centrists, It’s T.I.N.A. Time

That is, There Is No Alternative. Comrade Driftglass asks Sullivan and the Centrists (boldface mine):

However, now that you have finally, grudgingly arrived at the same conclusion that Liberals came to decades ago — that our problems are not primarily caused by both sides being equally awful, but by one side going intractably insane — you have left yourself a very interesting problem.

How will you, Mr. Sullivan, deal with the Big Lie of Centrism?

More specifically, how will you deal with your colleagues and friends who make their living relentlessly purveying of the Big Lie of Centrism? Colleagues and friends of no small influence and esteem who have built entire careers on the Big Lie of Centrism? Who dine handsomely out every God damned week in the New York Times or on NPR or on network television on the Big Lie of Centrism?

…After all, if you really believe this — really believe that our most serious problems are being caused or exacerbated almost exclusively by the Right — then aren’t you obligated by the ineluctability of your own reasoning to accept the corollary proposition? That people who keep insisting that Both Sides Are Equally Wrong in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary must either be reality-denying liars of a genuinely Palinite order…

… or they must exist in a perpetual state of such reckless, pathological, fact-proof denial that they are morally comatose and have no business peddling their crazy in public?

Are your Centrist friends liars or lunatics, Mr. Sullivan? Because if you genuinely believe your own premise, no third alternative exists.

And whether they are liars or lunatics, the inescapable logic of your position obligates you to recognize at long last that those who relentlessly dismiss or discount or alibi every Conservative atrocity by reflexively allocating 50% of the blame to imaginary Liberals are monsters in their own right — frauds and abettors of every Conservative atrocity.

That every time the Fake Centrist crowd invokes the magic, conjure words of “Both Sides Do It” they act as the Right’s willing co-conspirators.

By the way, the lunacy is not of recent origin: Ed Meese and James Watt. Nuff said.

This is a question centrists have to answer, not because liberals require their validation–Intelligent Designer knows that’s ridiculous on its face–but because as long centrists continue to claim “We are all Penn State“, those responsible will never be held accountable, even if only in the court of public opinion.

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