Links 6/19/12

Links for you. Science:

Officials suspect hospital worker in hepatitis outbreak: 20 N.H. patients infected, likely from tainted syringes (one more reason why we need to legalize needle exchange)
Creationism is a marketing game
The wonder of breasts: Our culture is obsessed with breasts, yet we know remarkably little about them. But their secrets are starting to be unravelled, and nothing is more astonishing than breast milk
Collecting links to blogs that focus entirely or partly on microbiology topics #ASM2012
Why Not Have “Repeated-Measures” or “Within-Respondent” Polling?


The State’s Tacit Encouragement of Prostitution and Street Begging: A California Welfare Diary (must-read)
The root of all evil
Carville: What if the rich lost 40% of their wealth?
Michael DeLong: Mann and Ornstein’s “It’s Even Worse than It Looks” Reviewed
A grieving father struggles to pay off his dead son’s student loans (for fuck’s sake, just write off the damn loan)
Wal-Mart Sends Fake ‘Reporter’ From Elite Lobbying Firm To Spy On Warehouse Workers
Why is William Saletan Apologizing for Slate’s Mistake?
Media Helps Sell The Myth Of “Job Killing Regulations”
Campaign red meat for the populist grassroots (this is why FDR was called the Happy Warrior)
How To Sweep Dark Money Out of Politics
Our great healthcare denial: We’re all an accident or diagnosis away from long-term care. Why does our healthcare debate never address this? (excellent)
Ancient Ireland: Crannogs
Race Matters: Why Gallup Poll Finds Less Support For President Obama
House Republicans Ramp Up War On Safe Biking And Walking
What A Real External Bank Bailout Looks Like

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