Links 9/14/12

Links for you. Science:

Most of what you read was wrong: how press releases rewrote scientific history
NASA Built That!
Flesh-eaters of the Crystal Coast: why I prefer my oysters roasted
So you need to write a CV
Ancient flower lives only on two Spanish cliffs, and uses ants to survive


Let’s Strike Against People Who Don’t Like Teachers (excellent)
If These Politicians Think Teachers Have It So Easy, Why Did They Become Bankers? (Eskow is on fire; must-read)
Why I Support Public School Teachers
Shocker: Jen Rubin says something so idiotic, it only takes 60 characters + 2 links to destroy it (partisan hackery. WHHHEEEE!!!!!)
Huge daddy long legs viewable and stunning from Space Needle.
Architectural Sculptures Made of Old Computer Parts
The Chicago Strike and the History of Teachers Unions
New school system in Sweden is eliminating classrooms entirely (I don’t know if this works educationally, but can I get my apartment done like this?)
The Great Divide…
Liberals and Teachers: An “Examination on the Merits”
CNBC’s Jim Cramer: My dad ‘won’t be allowed to vote’ in Pennsylvania
Bittersweet Justice for Bradley Birkenfeld
Would Firing More Teachers Improve School Performance? (that ‘progressives’ spend their time debating this is as disgusting as that whole libertarian episode where they discussed if rape was evil)
If Labor Dies, What’s Next?
Naomi Wolf’s ‘Vagina’: No Carnations, Please, We’re Goddesses

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Grazier and Plait spoke to an audience of about 100 Dragon*Con attendees and informed them that although NASA and its scientists continually push the boundaries of science, and numerous patents have been generated based on NASA research, NASA is unable to promote itself. No commercials, no ads, no billboards, nothing.

    Except for an occasional over the top press release event when they claim to have discovered arsenic-based life, or some such.

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