Links 4/12/12

Links for you. Science:

Waste not, want not? Poultry “feather meal” as another source of antibiotics in feed
City reverses Tyrannosaurus nix on school tests (yes, NYC’s Department of Education thought evolution was ‘controversial’)
Company scientist: It is too early to dismiss the predictive power of the personal genome
Food for Chickens, Poison for Man: A widespread farming practice is adding arsenic to the food chain.
Chocolate & Red Meat Can Be Bad for Your Science: Why Many Nutrition Studies Are All Wrong


Jon Lovitz Defeats ‘Jew Haters’ Who Bullied Teen Girl With Maple Syrup Swastikas & Feces (the takeaway for me is that the kids were aided by at least one parent–hatred doesn’t occur in a vacuum)
Patchy News
The Spillover of Racialization into Evaluations of Bo Obama (yes, bigots are biased against Obama’s dog)
Hey Rick, if you had $1 million in Treasuries… (Rick Santelli: still a fucking moron)
All the Paddies Having Fun
Betting On The Barrel: Experts Warn Speculation Is Helping Drive Up Oil Prices
Growth of Income Inequality Is Worse Under Obama than Bush
Hand jobs (not what you think…)
Usury Takes a Bite Out of the Poor
Drug shortages and the mythical market

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