Links 3/8/12

Links for you. Science:

My bad – on accountability in science journalism (if only political reporters felt the same way…)
Survey says: too many PhDs (no shit)
Genomics contest underscores challenges of personalized medicine
Science book delayed when someone notices it’s written by creationists


Libertarians: Only now, at the end, do you understand… (must-read, although Noah’s too kind to them)
Cato Versus Caesar (even free-market libertarians don’t read the fine print)
Crossing lines of conscience—Masaccio’s open letter to the Obama Campaign
Health Insurance Coverage a Courtesy? No, It’s Your—and My—Wages
OCC Servicer Review Firm Also “Scrubs” Loan Files, Fabricates Documents (what has been frustrating throughout the collapse of Big Shitpile is the general lack of understanding of how fraudulent, from top to bottom, the entire process was. It was as much a criminological problem as an economic one)
Fanning the Flames of Class Warfare (remember that Bartlett is a lock-stock-and barrel Republican)
Why Driverless Cars Will Increase Tensions in Cities and Suburbs Alike (just think about how many times you have to reboot your computer because it freezes up…)
The Left Strikes Back
The City and the State: American Urban Planning and the Role of Government
Why STEM is not enough (and we still need the humanities)
When Libertarians Go to Work…

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  1. Prof.Pedant says:

    “Survey says: too many PhDs”
    I read the article and it seemed to be concerned only that current funding structures would not provide jobs for those Biomedical Phds that were wanting biomedical jobs. But even after reading the article my reflexive response is still that “too many PhDs” is like saying too many people have a good education. And my response to the job worries expressed in the article is to be outraged that money is not being spent on productive work like that done by biomedical PhDs and is instead being spent on stupid pointless wars and tax breaks for people who don’t appreciate that they already have far more than most people can ever expect to have. Personally we don’t have enough well-educated or highly-trained people, and we do not have enough productive work for people solely because powerful people get their jollies from wasting resources.

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