Links 2/17/12

Links for you. Science:

Death by spider
Chris Mooney, evolution, and politics
Teaching hospitals decry Medicare’s low safety rankings (based on my experience with antibiotic resistance and medical records, the hospitals have a legitimate point)
What Bacteria Do, And How Health Insurance Won’t Help


This Photo Is Not Free, But How Much Should It Cost?
The Liberal Catholic Complaint
Nancy Brinker’s Lavish Spending, Off-Putting Brittleness Puts Komen’s Future in Jeopardy
Mitt Romney and the Fallacy of Political “Authenticity”
Urban Hate
More Evidence that Universal Health Care Would be Less Expensive
Its still not to late to adopt the Swedish model and stop the financial crisis
Scott Brown’s Pledge To Keep Out Third Parties Written With Help Of Third Party
Elizabeth Warren hits Scott Brown over birth control, health care
You Know… (on birth control as a wedge issue)
Send in the clowns: Common Core implementation advice just keeps getting worse
U.S. must end China’s rulers’ free pass
Transit’s Not Bleeding the Taxpayer Dry — Roads Are

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    @ Elizabeth Warren hits Scott Brown over birth control, health care

    It’s elitist for Elizabeth Warren to dictate to religious people about what they should believe and how they should act. She wants to use the power of government to force Catholics to violate the teachings of their faith,” Brown spokesman Colin Reed emailed. “That is wrong. This issue deals with one of our most fundamental rights as a people — the freedom of religion. Like Ted Kennedy, Scott Brown supports a religious conscience exemption in health care.

    Why does the “religious freedom” stick have only one end? What about the religious freedom of those who are being imposed upon by their employers?

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