And Just How Do You Think Republicans Will “Get That Money Out” of Global Warming Research?

From Stephen Lacey (boldface mine):

What’s an anti-science politician to do when even a Koch-funded researcher says that human activity is causing global warming? Well, you could just stop all scientific endeavors in the field all together.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday, Colorado Republican Congressman Cory Gardner explained to attendees that was just what his party was determined to do.

When a questioner asked how Republicans can stop taxpayer dollars going to climate research and other programs to reduce carbon emissions, the panelists chuckled. Then Rep. Gardner answered the question, explaining that many GOP leaders are committed to “get that money out that’s been feeding the industry.”

Wonder what they’re chuckling about? It’s H.R. 3433.

For the love of the Intelligent Designer scientists, do not let slavish, unthinking devotion to the principles of openness and transparency leave global warming research hung out to dry.

The defense contracting and surveillance state industries are not this stupid, and we are every bit as legitimate as they are (at the very least).

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