Links 2/15/12

Links for you. Science:

Federal Research Public Access Act
Deconstructing Dengue: How Old Is That Mosquito?
Going batty: What’s in a name?
A Dominant Dolichoderine
Explaining resistance to the Elsevier boycott: Practicalities.


MMP Blog #36 What Government Ought to Do: An Introduction (must-read)
Congressional candidate drops out of race to peddle nutritional supplement (I’m convinced that much of movement conservatism is Elmer Gantry without the overt religion)
Dissing the Disabled Without Data: A Biologist Mom Punches Back
Ferris Wheel Part of Esplanade’s New Vision (WTF?)
How Much Do We Spend on the Nonworking Poor?
Why Did Whitney Fail Rehab? Too Much Talent.
Fox News Commenters Respond to Whitney Houston’s Death With Deluge of Hatred and Racism
Ludwig Von Mises Makes the Libertarian Case against “Free Love” (and Implicitly Against Birth Control)
The Aftermath of a School Prayer Case and a Judge’s Awesome Statement
Expanded Access to Contraception? No Wonder the Right is So Scared
Starter Savings Accounts
What’s, Uh, The Point?
Why the Right Wing Is Petrified of Letting Voters, Instead of the Electoral College, Pick Presidents
Freedom of Conscience And Its Limits
Boys Get To Go On Expensive Field Trip; Girls Stay At School (this is appalling)

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