Links 1/26/12

Links for you. Science:

Study challenges existence of arsenic-based life
Back to School, Not on a Campus but in a Beloved Museum
Taxing times for taxonomy (this isn’t a new problem, but still worth noting that a lot of natural history knowledge is only found in the brains of a very few people)
Unintentionally Inappropriate Science Papers
Chelation therapy trial continued despite risks: The NCCAM-funded study of a theory that edetate disodium could take plaque out of arteries ran into ethical questions, a congressional push and an FDA backtrack


Bain isn’t a venture capital firm, despite Romney’s pretenses
The Caging of America: Why do we lock up so many people?
In Miami, story of profits and layoffs highlights debate over Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain
The Catch-22 of Drone Assassinations
Mitt Romney, Uncreative Destructor
Why Blocking Roads Can Speed Up Traffic
New USDA School Meal Rules Cut Calories, Salt (maybe this will improve test scores slightly?)
So the President Gave a Speech Last Night…
Why the Most Environmental Building is the Building We’ve Already Built
A Dark Day For Educational Measurement In The Sunshine State
If You Give an Opossum a Mozzarella Stick (funny)
Deep Thought (yes, Alinsky is code)
Insider tips to surviving your hospital stay
The State of the Union Is Angry
Don’t lick the Bunneh!

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