Links 1/19/12

Links for you. Science:

Worm-Eating Plant Found—Kills via Underground Leaves
Totally Drug-Resistant TB: A Patient Is Missing
Depression Defies the Rush to Find an Evolutionary Upside
Yeast Experiment Hints at a Faster Evolution From Single Cells


Romney and Jobs (must-read & short)
Ayn Rand or MLK: pick one (unless you suck as a human, you want door #2)
Union (this is why unions matter; by the way, this is a private sector organization helping the needy)
Trial And Error Is Fine, So Long As You Know The Difference (good points about value-added testing and evaluating teachers)
Matt Stoller: Quelle Surprise! The Federal Reserve Knew About the Housing Bubble in 2004 (this is a really important point)
How children perceive the sadness of grown-ups
The 40 Absolutely Worst People In America (be careful where you look at this–what might be shocking to some, other than the hate, is how damn ordinary they look; most don’t look like a stereotype).
Does Mitt Romney Pay Any Income Tax? (I’m guessing he pays some, but that it’s much lower than 15%)
Perhaps the ugliest Republican debate yet
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Weight Loss Maintainers
The War On Error (value-added testing issues)
‘Yoga can damage your body’ article throws exponents off-balance
NPF: IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE (back in the day, we used to call this ‘noise’ or ‘no wave’; at least then, it was actually somewhat threatening)
Quick, Someone Quote Martin Luther King!
Seven principles for arguing with economists
1 job good, 2 jobs better?
Santorum Staffer Says Women Shouldn’t Be President Because It’s Against God’s Will (did Bachman really think she would be granted dispensation?)

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  1. fcc says:

    Did Romney pay any income tax….

    So lets see; normal rate 35%, capital gains 15%. He pays closer to 15%.
    So given the delta 20 and an expansive view of the nature of truth, an answer less than 5 is reasonable and -4% is possible.
    I’ll take the under.

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