Saturday Links

Saturday links. With Extra Bonus Video! Science:
The Spotless Garden
Australia uses cat food in fight against cane toads
The Mushroom that Sleeps with the Fishes
The Basques may not be who we think they are
Climate change affecting Kenya’s coffee output
What average genetic variation can tell us (or not)
Mule Variations
Our Towns: It Won’t Line a Bird Cage, but It’s Still News
Could It Be That the Best Chance to Save a Young Family From Foreclosure is a 28-Year-Old Pakistani American Playright-slash-Attorney who Learned Bankruptcy Law on the Internet? Wells Fargo, You Never Knew What Hit You
California Death Spiral
Meet The Predators
Poll: Majority Backs Mirandizing Of Xmas Plotter And Other Terror Suspects
Ehud Barak breaks the apartheid barrier
The Bush 400
Here’s some music for you:
Teddybears Feat. Iggy Pop -Punkrocker
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