Links 1/14/12

Links for you. Science:

Papers, reading papers here! (must-read about supposed workaholics)
What Crabs Are The Fightiest?
Peak Maple: Climate Change Wants to Ruin Your Pancakes
Finding a Way to Put a Zebra in Your Tank
James F. Crow, Population Genetics Pioneer, Dies at 95


Transgendered Sea Anemone Denounced As ‘Abomination’ By Clergy
Who Says Machines Must Be Useful?
How to complete your PhD (or any large project): Hard and soft deadlines, and the Martini Method
GOP speaker of Kansas House prays for Obama’s death, calls First Lady “Mrs. YoMama” (but we live in a post-racial society!)
Why Does Newt Gingrich Hate America?
What a difference a year makes
The GOP’s bizarre war on sex: Polls show we’re pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and ever kinkier. So why are the Republican candidates such prudes?
Mistakes and Ideology in Macroeconomics
Understanding the Literature of Economics: Plumbing the Depths of Ignorance Blogging
Media Made Hawking Famous
Keeping people in poverty, one mean-spirited program at a time
Austerity For Dummies: A 3-Minute Guide To A Very Bad (And Very Powerful) Idea
Study: “Better medical care has kept gun deaths constant, but total number of people shot has risen dramatically in the United States”
Don’t blame automation for high unemployment: another view

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2 Responses to Links 1/14/12

  1. fcc says:

    Anyone who has owned a lawnmower knows there is a huge market for useless machines.

  2. Faty says:

    Okay, was that article about the trangendered sea anemone a troll? Like, are they serious?! seriously! I have mixed feelings about it. I dunno if I should be laughing at the stupidity or crying for the poor invertebrate.

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