What Is the MBTA Thinking?

Admittedly, the new fare hike and service reduction proposals by the MBTA might simply be an attempt to shock the Massachusetts Legislature, as well as convince citizens that pay hikes are needed, but, still, they’re fucking insane. One plan would increase fares by 38%, the other 43%. And even after the fare hikes, these would be eliminated:

•Commuter rail service (i.e., local trains in and out of Boston) after 10pm
All weekend commuter rail service
•All Mattapan weekend service
•All weekend Green line E train service

This is nuts. Do we really want more people driving to Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox games? Because that’s what eliminating weekend and late night rail service will mean. Hell, why don’t we just give every teenager with a driver’s license a six-pack and a set of car keys–that would probably be safer.

Then there’s the effect on tourism. The E train goes directly to the MFA and very close the Gardiner Museum. It always has passengers on the weekends, especially in the summer. If the MBTA thinks tourists will take the bus instead, they are sadly deluded: U.S. tourists don’t ride urban public buses, except as a measure of last resort (and even if they do, to take the T and then switch to a bus isn’t something a lot of them are going to want to do).

Oh yeah, global warming too.

Hopefully, this is just game-playing by the powers that be at the MBTA.

If not, it’s a great way to lose an election.

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  1. dr2chase says:

    Would be nice to get rid of all that bogus Big Dig debt.

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