Rush Limbaugh’s Factiness About School Meals

I know, I know: ‘Rush ‘Big Pharma’ Limbaugh opens mouth and stupid, counterfactual shit falls out’ is hardly news, but still the ‘factiness’ that Limbaugh displays about school nutrition programs is still disgusting, even by his standards (boldface mine):

Limbaugh, who once gladly accepted government welfare himself, went on a rant about school meal programs during the school year that “condition [children] to not feed themselves.” According to Limbaugh, getting used to being fed by schools turns children who would otherwise starve into “wanton waifs and serfs dependent on the state.” “If you feed them, if you feed the children, three square meals a day during the school year, how can you expect them to feed themselves in the summer?” he asked.

Well, let’s go to New York City and find out (boldface mine):

With food prices continuing to rise, keeping food on the table is getting harder for some parents. There is a way that children can eat breakfast and lunch for free throughout New York.

More than 700 schools, pools, parks, libraries, and New York City Housing Authority complexes throughout the five boroughs will be serving free breakfast and/or lunch. All children 18 years of age and under are eligible for free meals regardless of income, citizenship status, residency or enrollment in public school.

M.S. 131 in Chinatown was chosen as the launch site for the Department of Education’s summer meals program on Tuesday.

When the cold, dead hand of socialist state dependency and The Google team up, it is a truly horrifying thing.

For fact-free conservatives.

Not so bad for hungry kids though.

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