Links 11/15/11

Final procedure is done; seems to have gone alright. Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

The lingering challenges of “bootstrapping” in academia (must-read)
Bird-friendly California vineyards may have fewer pests
Will we ever learn? Probably not, because we are too confident: Heart failure drug doesn’t prevent heart failure, and sepsis drug doesn’t decrease mortality from sepsis.
Richard Smith: A woeful tale of the uselessness of peer review


The Police Riot At Berkeley: If They’ll Beat A Poet Laureate, Will They Kill A Student?
Social Security and the Big Lie
The torture party
Republicans return to the torture ‘debate’
When a Football Coach Does the Right Thing.
There’s no woo like golf woo
They were…Penn State! It’s time to break up the university
Our Awesome Meritocracy
Militarising the police from Oakland to NYC

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