Links 11/11/11

It’s 11/11/11! Woomeisters will be out in full force. Let’s drive them away with some high quality links. Science:

The antivax women who mail pox: Who are they?
Pox by Post
Free Shipping on Chickenpox When You Call Today!
Fatty Foods Addictive Like Cocaine in Growing Body of Scientific Research


The Irrelevant Science of Eggs and Embyros
Stupid Parasites are eating your children’s brains
Culture war battle lines
Steve Keen: Harvard Starts its Own PAECON Against Mankiw
War Against Government Workers Is Prolonging the Recession
Life is Grand on Wall Street
“Vaccine Awareness Week”: Barbara Loe Fisher dupes Delta Airlines into running an anti-vaccine PSA
WAPO Ombudsman Defends Hit Job on Social Security (entitled to different opinions, not facts)
When Letting Students Slip Away Looks Like a Budget Blessing
Mississippi’s Personhood Defeat Reveals the Gap Between “Anti-Choice” and “Pro-Life” (and <a href="Movement“>this too)
NY Times Notices On-Going Criminality at Big Banks
The End of Loser Liberalism: An Interview with Dean Baker Part I

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