“A Forced Surrogate. That’s All I Am”: The Tyranny of ‘Pro-Life’

Thankfully, the dreadful Mississippi ‘personhood amendment’ was defeated. But that really showed the ugliness of the ‘pro-life’ movement, especially how they think about women. They are so far beyond being confused about the rightness of abortion, and they have crossed over into tyrannical theocracy–and that’s what it is. This is a pretty good description of their ‘utopia’ (boldface mine):

I must not be allowed to abort (kill) or harm my unborn child in any way, but my unborn child is given permission by society to destroy my body, my health, and my future. That is what my body is for. Baby making. An incubator for the unborn for other people. A forced surrogate. That’s all I am.

The only time I am allowed to end a pregnancy by a mean other than natural miscarriage or birth, is when my physical (not spiritual, not emotional, not social, not anything other than physical) life is in immediate peril, and I must find a doctor that is willing to kill my unborn child to save my life.

I am constantly at the mercy of others in regards to my maternal life, body, health, and fertility….

My uterus is my destiny. Even if I have born 10 children, I must be forced to have more should I become pregnant again. Because I am a woman. I deserve pain for having sex or being raped. Because I have a uterus.

And should I decide to be blasphemous and keep my children to take care of them myself and not hand them over to obviously more deserving couples, I will be judged in every decision I make regarding my children… If I stay at home, I’ll be called lazy. If I go to work, I’ll be called neglectful. If I have to use WIC or Welfare of any kind, I will be treated like a monster and as though I shouldn’t have any more children (but will be forced to do so anyway should I become pregnant again).

And the utopian tyranny:

My inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence come second to everyone else’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–especially to unborn childrens’ rights.

Forced reproduction is not a crime. It’s a sacred natural wonder from God.

And if I die as a result of childbirth (regardless of whether or not I wanted to be pregnant in the first place, since it doesn’t really matter since I’m a woman), I will be treated as a martyr, and people will love me because I was forced to sacrifice my life, my everything, for a baby. Babies are worth my death.

Babies are worth more than me.

I am not a person. I am an incubator.

As Amanda Marcotte notes, there are a lot of people who identify as ‘pro-life’ because they have very mixed feelings about abortion. But the pro-life movement is monstrous and tyrannical. We have nothing to lose but our chains…

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  2. Katharine says:

    I have the occasional fantasy of enslaving conservative men and women, removing their gametes, and using them as reproductive surrogates for liberals who are consigned full-time to baby-making and baby-carrying duty while liberal men and women hold the actual power in society.

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