Links 10/17/11

Links for you. Science:

Can indigenous peoples be relied on to gather reliable environmental data?
US Bureau of Labor Statistics – Anthropology Job Growth “Much Faster than the Average”
For A Healthy Denver, Vote Yes on Initiative 300
Is Increased Dogfish Quota the Answer?


The New York Times Review of The Reactionary Mind: My Response
David Graeber: anthropologist, anarchist, financial analyst*
Protest Infrastructure: How Much Trouble Are Protesters, Really?
The most clueless political column ever—I think this Easterbrook dude has the journalistic equivalent of “tenure” (Easterbrook has been a dope for a very long time)
Mainers Ask “What Side” Sens. Snowe And Collins Are On
Say Anything, Cain Version
South Korea Fights Test-Prep Obsession, as the US Creates More Tests
How the Media Help Republicans Escape Blame for Obstructionism

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