Links 9/18/11

Links for you. Science:

Nutpunching (good in-your-face anti-creationism)
The NIH Jobs Plan
The first rule of a PhD… If Chuck Palahniuk wrote lab lit
TIME Magazine, Dr. Oz, What to Eat, and Supplements


What teachers really want to tell parents
Doctor Fees Major Factor in Health Costs, Study Says
Understanding Trichet and Company: A Note
Ritual defamation Part XXIV: liberals join the hissy
How to fix Europe’s Financial Crisis
Deep Thought (awesome snark about ‘pro-lifers’)
Some real Shock and Awe: Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit
Is the 401K a Ponzi Scheme? Discuss

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  1. fcc says:

    Not on topic, but does anyone have a handle on who is canvassing for signatures for a medical marijuana and teacher competency bill here in Ma?. The canvasser I ran into in Leominster was argumentative, downright bellicose, and evasive about who he was and who he represented.

    My take was we are being astroturfed by a group that is using med pot to push a anti-union teacher bill along behind it, and they have pros out selling the package.

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