Links 2/16/11

I am linkbot, hear me roar. Links for you. Science:
Views of an Unfunded Established Professor
Egyptian science community celebrates a free Egypt
UA Experts Determine Age of Book ‘Nobody Can Read’
Cell Phone Towers To Be Replaced By Tiny Antennas
The Trouble With Foul Trouble (Syracuse-Georgetown)
Social Security and Pie!
My Governor, as usual, Fails Math
“Taliban Dan’s” Teacher: Inside Bill Gothard’s Authoritarian Subculture (this is the theopolitical right with which we are supposed to be civil and compromise)
Is This Beijing’s Suburban Future? (meanwhile, in the wealthiest metro region, Washington D.C., we won’t build an underground subway…)
We Told You So

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  1. The issue with the Voynich Manuscript was never when the parchment was produced, but when someone wrote on said paper. Carbon dating only provides an upper limit for the age, it doesn’t prove when it was actually written.
    Also, DC _has_ a subway. Trust me, I’ve rode it.

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